Affordable Biometric Technology Solution For Your Business

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RALEIGH, NC — June 1, 2004 — Acroprint® introduces biometric technology at a price any business can afford. If you thought biometrics were out of reach for your organization, you will want to give the latest product from Acroprint a serious look. ATRx Secure PunchIn™ offers a product packed with features from automated time and attendance processes to In/Out board visual tracking, all with the peace of mind that comes with the added security of biometric fingerprint technology. Employees simply punch in on a PC by matching their pin with their fingerprint. Once their fingerprint is read and verified their time is recorded by Attendance Rx® software; it is quick and reliable. Biometric technology eliminates costly buddy punching and provides indisputable records of employees’ attendance.

ATRx Secure PunchIn tracks employee hours and offers a wide range of management reports that will accommodate holiday, overtime, shift and pay-period policies. Supervisors no longer have to spend hours tallying time cards, they can approve time cards at the PC and print Time Card, Hours Summary, and Who’s In reports. Secure PunchIn makes time tracking easy, handling up to 50 employees with the option to upgrade to 100 employees. Organizations that need network capabilities need not worry; Attendance Rx Network is an available option that operates on your server workstation. Secure PunchIn offers a powerful software solution for your business. Time and attendance combined with biometric fingerprint verification, it is so easy and affordable. Please contact Acroprint at 1-800-334-7190 to learn more about this robust product.

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