Atomic Accuracy Comes to the Acroprint ES700 and ES900

For Immediate Release

RALEIGH, NC — January 30, 2009 — Acroprint announces the release of new and improved versions of the popular ES700 and ES900 time recorders, now featuring atomic accuracy as well as a number of additional features designed to make these clocks even more accurate and easy to use.

These state-of-the-art employee time clocks now automatically synchronize with time codes transmitted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s time clock in Boulder, Colorado, keeping them incredibly accurate with no resetting necessary. Built-in battery back-up and perpetual calendar ensure the clocks will maintain the correct time, even through power outages and Daylight Saving Time changes.

Another improvement is a new, bright internal LED light illuminating the card punch area, making consistent and precise card positioning a snap. New user-adjustable font size for printing allows these time recorders to accommodate a wider variety of time cards and other documents and forms. A switchable 120V/240V power supply means they can now adapt to different voltages throughout the world.

The ES700 and ES900 both compliment any office d├ęcor with modern finishes in black and silver. The ES700 offers up to 13 preset messages in four languages, your choice of printing options and an easy to read LCD display indicating date, time and day of the week. The ES900 has over 300 selectable print formats, 13 selectable preset messages in seven languages and an I-Mark (*) feature that identifies early or late employee punches, making auditing time cards quick and easy.

These atomic electronic time recorders help businesses track employee time and attendance and provide indisputable employee records for today’s business.

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