Model 175 Multi-Function Side Printing Time Recorder, Time Stamp or Numbering Machine

2018 DST Quick Guide

Note: If you previously programmed your Model 175 for the updated DST change dates, you should not have to program the DST change dates again for 2018. The unit remembers the start date as the second Sunday in March and the end date as the first Sunday in November. Once set, the clock automatically updates the settings every year thereafter. No further manual setting is necessary unless the law regarding the start and end dates of DST changes again.

Use the instructions below if you did not set up your clock previously for automatic DST change dates or for whatever reason need to change your DST programming for 2018.

General Information

Although the 175 is already running on a lithium battery when you receive it, the clock must be plugged in to a steady power source in order to perform any of the following functions.

To program the machine, remove the case to access the five tactile switches, SW5 to SW1, located below the LCD display. Note that pressing and holding these switches will cause the setting options to advance faster.

Illustration showing the location of the five tactile programming switches

Setting the 2018 DST Start and End Dates

  1. Press the [SW5:MODE] key three times. The Start Daylight Saving arrow flashes.
  2. Press the [SW4:YEAR] key until the year 18 is displayed.
  3. Press the [SW3:HOUR/MONTH] key until the start month 03 (March) is displayed.
  4. Press the [SW2:MINUTE/DAY] key until the start day 11 is displayed.
  5. Verify that the desired start year, month, and day are displayed on the LCD. Then press the [SW1:SET] key.
  6. Press the [SW5:MODE] key one time. The End Daylight Saving arrow flashes.
  7. Press the [SW4:YEAR] key until the year 18 is displayed.
  8. Press the [SW3:HOUR/MONTH] key until the end month 11 (November) is displayed.
  9. Press the [SW2:MINUTE/DAY] key until the end day 04 is displayed.
  10. Verify that the desired end year, month, and day are displayed on the LCD. Then press the [SW1:SET] key twice.

Important: if you do not press the [SW1:SET] key a second time, the clock will not print.

For more information, refer to your User Manual. [ download PDF version ]

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