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Product Selector Tool

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AcroTime® Workforce Management

Cloud-hosted Human Capital Management (HCM)

Manage Payroll, HR, Time & Attendance, and Scheduling all in one place.

  • Web-based
  • Single sign-on
  • Single database
  • Single user interface

Choose the modules you need today, expand seamlessly as your business grows!

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ATR480 Totalizing Time Clock

The attractively priced ATR480 time clock supports up to 50 employees on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll period, or it can be used for job costing.

  • Convenient bundle includes everything you need to get started
  • Top loading, automatic print
  • Built in programmable buzzer
  • Support for external signal devices

Best of all, the ATR480 automatically calculates and totals employee work time!


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We have been dealing with Acroprint for over 25 years. They stand behind their products and have always offered excellent service & customer support. We have sold hundreds of their products and customers have always been satisfied. They truly are the reference in time and attendance.

Paul F, Solutions Time Data
Wide range of products, excellent service, fast response and very friendly communication, the best supplier ever
Roberto O., Operations Manager, Acrosoft

When no out-of-the-box software would do what we needed, the staff at AcroTime did a wonderful job working with us to get things set up. Not having to figure time cards manually is a big time saver. We’ve also reduced errors by importing the information from AcroTime for payroll.

Larry Hatcher, Jr., Asst. Superintendent, City of Plymouth, IN
We wanted a product that can simplify our payroll processing and save time. AcroTime is easy and friendly to use, and our department managers can now manage their staff more efficiently. Customer service response time is very quick, and I enjoy working with them.
Carol Li, Accountant, National Budget Planners

I thought – too much time and work to get going. I was soooo wrong. The staff at Acrotime made our installation as easy and painless as possible. We can now track everyone’s time more accurately. This was a smart decision for our company.

Debbie Giunta; Office Manager, Pocono Eye Associates Inc.

We have been pleased with AcroTime. It has improved and streamlined our processes for payroll and time keeping. We have commented, “It’s almost too good to be true!” Plus our service requests have been answered in a timely fashion, and being in a service environment ourselves we know how precious that is, so a big thanks to the service people as well

Tim Glazier, Matrix Communications

AcroTime is well worth the investment. Employees find punching in and out seamless, and the level of customer service and support received from the support and payroll specialists is superb

Jaune Thovson, Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity

I find the BioTouch to be user friendly and it meets my need for a small company with a few employees. When I call Acroprint with questions they are prompt to answer any question and if needed will call back promptly.

Judy Buck , Gadsden, AL.

We purchased one for test, later purchased another one of Acroprint BioTouch. Is very easy to program, the fingerprint reading is efficient and we have not had any inconvenience. We recommended it 100%

Mildred Pimentel

We had another Acroprint ES700 that we bought years ago & it still works. When we needed an additional time clock, bought the same model. They work great!

School Secretary, Rochester, NY.

Feature rich product. This unit has all the programming that we need to be able to have a connected (external) buzzer to let the employees know when work starts and stops as well as rest breaks. In all, the [ES900] unit has 48 programmable events.

Robert, Dixon, CA.

I have used this time clock [the ES1000] for many years. When the old one needed to be replaced I was pleased we could get the same model.

Peter H.

Absolutely buy it! We used to use another company’s fingerprint clock, but we had problems with it due to dirty and grimy hands. FaceVerify is touch-free, so grimy hands are no longer an issue. It’s been great to use. We love it and plan to buy more!

Cathy Villari, Elmsford NY

FaceVerify works really well and we’re happy with it. The biggest advantage is being sure that people aren’t punching each other in. There’s no way for people to punch each other in, as they can with timecards or badges.

Miles Shiver, Moriarty NM

We’ve been very happy with both the product [Pendulum] and the level of service we’ve received from Acroprint. The new Pendulum saves us time and it’s easy to use. Definitely give it a shot!

Wolfe’s Auto Auctions

I save 10 hours of time each week. We are generating about $1,000 more dollars a month because the data is readily available and accurate after we implemented the [Pendulum] system.

Santa Rosa City School District Daycare