Updated timeQplus Software Now Supports HandPunch Terminals

For Immediate Release

RALEIGH, NC – Acroprint Time Recorder Company announces an update to their popular timeQplus time and attendance tracking software. The latest release, timeQplus version 4.0.37, has been enhanced to support the use of HandPunch biometric terminals.

HandPunch terminals are now supported on timeQplus software

Users of timeQplus software can now choose from two biometric terminals (fingerprint and HandPunch), three badge terminals (proximity, magnetic-stripe and bar code) and PC-punch for recording employee time and attendance. They can even mix-and-match different data collection methods on the same system to suit their business needs.

“A biometric terminal, such as the HandPunch, can virtually eliminate costly buddy-punching,” said General Sales Manager Amanda Robbins. “We’re pleased to be able to offer an expanded choice to our timeQplus customers who prefer biometric terminals.”

HandPunch biometric terminals work by scanning the size and shape of the employee’s hand and comparing the results to an internally stored template. This positive identification virtually eliminates buddy-punching, where one employee clocks in or out for another. They are quick, easy to use and reliable. The HandPunch terminals can accommodate gradual weight gain or loss and are usually not affected by items such as rings, small adhesive bandages or false fingernails.

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