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Acroprint DC7000 Terminal

Custom Applications, Private Labeling

Value-Added Resellers and Systems Integrators — now you can take advantage of custom applications and private labeling features for the Acroprint DC7000 Terminal allowing you to create a unique look customized for your application.

These versatile terminals accept input from magnetic stripe badges, visible or infrared barcode badge, proximity badges, terminal keypad, biometric fingerprint reader or any combination of sources. With their tough Polycarbonate/ABS shell, they’re ideal for a wide variety of applications and uses.

DC7000 terminals work with most popular network architectures, offering a range of communications protocols including RS232, RS485, TCP/IP (RJ45) and 10/100 BaseT.

With the Acrocomm Communications System you can easily integrate the DC7000 into your custom applications using an extensive library set to create custom menu structures, store collected data and more.

DC7000 product specifications

  • Display: 2 line by 20 character blue backlit LCD (alphanumeric).

  • Memory:

    • Flash: 1 MB (2 MB optional)
    • SRAM: 512 KB (1 MB optional)
    • FRAM: 128 KB (256 KB optional)
    • Data Flash: 512 KB (optional)
  • Power: 120/240V. 50Hz/60Hz wall mount transformer 9 volt AC, 1000 mA minimum.

  • Battery Capabilities: Internal lithium battery powers the real time clock for up to 10 years. Data is retained in FRAM which does not require external power.

  • Media Input:

    • Integral keypad.
    • Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (Track II ABA Standard).
    • Barcode Reader (Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, visible or infrared).
    • External Bar Code Reader.
    • Pen Wand.
    • Integrated Fingerprint Reader.
    • Proximity Reader (HID 26 Bit).
  • Communications: RS232, RS485 2 wire single terminal or multi-dropped protocols (LAN), internal 56K-baud modem, Ethernet/Internet TCP/IP (RJ45), 10/100 BaseT.

  • Printer Connection: parallel port 25-pin DB.

  • Enclosure: Flame retardant Polycarbonate/ABS, with reversible wall mounting bracket and secured access door that protects I/O ports.

  • System Requirements: Works with Acroprint Pendulum software and Acrocomm software (for custom software applications). Requires Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

  • Operating Ranges: 0 to 40° Celsius; 32 to 110° Fahrenheit; 0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

  • Dimensions: 8.7 in. (23 cm) wide x 6.1 in. (16 cm) tall x 2.3 in (6 cm) deep; shipping weight 4 lbs.

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Contact Acroprint for more information about the DC7000 terminal features and pricing, as well as opportunities and programs we offer for VARs and systems integrators.

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